Diane Berry is a native of Detroit, that's been designing for 27 years.  She is married and a mother of three.  She started designing clothes for hair shows produced by famous hair designers and brothers, James and John Gooden.  As a child, she had a passion and desire to one day create her own clothing line. Diane is a self-taught designer, which she believes is a gift from God.  

Her design aesthetic is couture, elegant, and one of a kind chic.  She's a very dedicated and accomplished woman and believes it is never too late to accomplish all of your dreams and goals.  Diane Berry is noted for doing several runway shows in the Detroit area, and also having her designs displayed in published editorials.  

In 2012, Diane Berry came out with her spring/summer collection and showcased it at E. Rollins meet/greet and Fashion Preview at the Detroit Institute of Arts, which she showcased a total of 12 beautiful pieces.  Diane's designs will defiantly give women confidence and make them feel good about themselves.    

Diane Berry